Printing On Mousepads

You can use them as an advertising space. You can create unique mouse pad designs with your business name, logo, business tagline, etc. You can exchange custom designed mouse pads as corporate gift with your customers. They can also increase business affinity for employees.

Product Information: Our mousepads are printed, finished and sealed with the greatest perfection. Be assured that your mousepads are printed in the highest quality and delivered in perfect condition.

Material / paper type: Polyester 3mm or 5mm

Finishing: Trim to size

Pricing: starting at N3,450 for 1 copy

7.95 x 9.5510N 19,000.00
20N 32,000.00
30N 48,000.00
40N 64,000.00
50N 80,000.00
60N 96,000.00
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TotalN 19,000.00
Estimated TotalN 19,000.00