Linen Business Cards Double Sided

Design your double sided linen business cards

With linen business cards you can create a strong and different impression on your customer. In comparison to paper business cards, linen business cards instantly capture the attention of your customers as well as competitors. It helps you to stand out from the crowd. With linean business cards the game has become bigger and better. 

Product information: Our double sided linen business cards are printed, finished and sealed with the greatest perfection. Be assured that your business cards are printed in the highest quality and delivered in perfect condition.

Material / paper types: 300gsm Matt card paper stock.

Finishing: Matte Linean Lamination and choose between square or rounded corners.

Pricing: Starting at N12,000 for 100 copies.

3.5 x 2 inch100N 12,000.00
200N 24,000.00
300N 36,000.00
400N 47,500.00
500N 69,500.00

Price Calculator

TotalN 12,000.00
Estimated TotalN 12,000.00