Produce Promotional Long Run A3 Posters to Attract Attention

Long Run A3 Posters are primary for attracting attention at promotional event and exhibitions.

Product Information: Our long run a3 posters are printed, finished and sealed with the greatest perfection. Be assured that your posters are printed in the highest quality and delivered in perfect condition.

Material / paper type: 150 gsm Gloss/ Matt Paper

Finishing: Trim to size

Pricing: starting at N15,000 for 50 copies.

17x11.6950N 15,000.00
80N 16,000.00
100N 5,000.00
150N 27,000.00
200N 30,000.00
300N 36,000.00
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TotalN 15,000.00
Estimated TotalN 15,000.00